The General Students’ Committee (AStA) is the highest representative organ of the student body and students’ self-administration at the University of Göttingen. Every January, a variety of student groups compete at university-wide elections. The frontrunner groups able to form a governing coalition go on to constitute the AStA, tasked with representing the student body’s interests to other entities such as the University itself, the Presidential Board, or Student Services (Studentenwerk).

We see ourselves as an explicitly political AStA, striving to represent students’ concerns in Göttingen as well as taking on more general, societal responsibilities beyond the university scope.
We want to encourage students to think outside the box and locate as well as tackle problems and issues on their own. Feel free and encouraged to improve the quality of living and studying in Göttingen by actively participating in one of the many student groups and associations or participating in demonstrations and events. Focal points of our work are, for instance, the abolishment of all tuition fees, anti-fascism and the fight against all kinds of group-based discrimination, improvement of study conditions, gender equality for all genders in academical as well as societal contexts, equal access to higher education, working towards an environmentally sustainable university, and offering diverse as well as critical political education. Based on these concerns, we offer a wide range of events and activities such as political lectures, movie screenings, and different workshops.



We are always at your disposal. Contact details, office hours and more can be found on this overview page.