Chair of the department is Lorenz Glißmann.

The AStA Department of Digitization and Data Protection (DnD) is tasked with all things surrounding digitalization and data privacy issues.
Besides maintaining the current IT infrastructure, we are responsible for staying in touch with other relevant entities, like the GWDG and the data privacy officers.
Moreover, we organize different kinds of events in order to have a discussion about current internet politics and data concerns at our university or to further develop digital services aimed to help students.
To plan the department’s work, we meet every Wednesday at 6 P.M. in the Fachschaften’s Mumble channel. These weekly meetups are public and open to all; all those interested may attend and contribute.

Another format open to all is the monthly ​ AK Digitalisierung (task force for digitization) in which we tackle concrete issues. A current example of the AK’s field of discussion are online elections because there are deliberations to introduce such at our university in 2022/23. An overview concerning the AK’s work can be found on our Owncloud. A public link will soon follow. Until then, we can also enable accounts manually if requested.

Another aspect of the AStA’s IT work is the registering of functional accounts. This service is available to students’ groups as well. Contact us if need be.

You may always reach us via email with your suggestions and questions.

Concerning admin stuff like when the AStA printer doesn’t work again, contact us via