Adrian Friedrich is the head of the AStA Department of Ecology and Sustainability.
The department deals with issues like environmental protection and climate action. We are open to all students and encourage everybody who’s interested to join us and participate!

Our sphere of action is split into two parts: For one thing, we think that the University and any related institutions are responsible to incorporate sustainability in their organisational culture. We are therefore engaged in dialog with representatives of the university, StudIT, facility management, and the student union to discuss potential improvements in fields like infrastructure and nourishment. Furthermore, we are in favor of establishing an independent office for sustainability which should also connect with other municipal entities dealing with environmental issues.
The second part takes place on a more personal level: We are focused on informing students about environmentally friendly behaviors. To do so, we will arrange a number of lectures, workshops and movie nights. Our General Students’ Committee bicycle repair shop (“AStA-Fahrradwerkstatt”) and our community garden (“AStA-Garten”) will also provide room to meet each other and exchange ideas.

Open plenary assembly
Those of you who are interested to contribute their ideas are welcome to do so in our monthly open plenum. It will take place every first monday of a month at 6pm in the General Students’ Committee’s building (Goßlerstraße 16a).

You can also contact us via email if you want to.