The AStA Department of Finances is led by Maj Sundqvist.

It is responsible for drawing up as well implementing the student body’s budget. Moreover, the department is tasked with scrutinizing the financial activities of the self-governing student body, with special attention being paid to those related to the AStA, student associations (Fachschaften), and study groups (Fachgruppen).

The department is also tasked with negotiating and entering into the necessary framework contracts. Claims and applications concerning financial reimbursements for projects, events, or trips organized or taken on behalf of the student body are to be submitted to this department. Relevant documents can be retrieved from the<ahref=””>department’s download section.

The department’s actions are scrutinized by the Students’ Parliament (StuPa). The StuPa is responsible for adopting the budget, setting the wages of the AStA departments’ chairpeople, and, if necessary, passing a supplementary budget. Additionally, the final annual financial accounts of the AStA are examined by experienced auditors.

If you wish to contact the department or want to find out when there are office hours, click here.

Supporting student initiatives

Student initiatives are central to our motto “diversity in teaching, studying, and life” and a precious part of university life. The manyfold voluntary initiatives help to realize projects contributing to social and scientific progress. Such events and projects help students to go beyond their day-to-day university routines by strengthening organizational and self-dependence skills. Therefore, we strive to support such endeavours with regards both to finance and infrastructure concerns. We are here to help should problems arise, e.g. if you need financial support or counsel regarding university facilities while planning your student initiative.

Feel free to send inquiries, ideas, or problems to​