This department underlines the explicitly political self-image of our AStA. We organize lectures, discussions, and excursions in order to provide additional offerings complementing your course of studies. Doing so, we address day-to-day topics as well as more general, societal questions.
Our complementary services are meant to help students critically discuss societal issues beyond the scope of their studies. However, this is not supposed to simply be a transfer of knowledge: We want students to develop and refine the skills necessary to debating and critically evaluating the given topics, as well as their own conceptions thereof. First and foremost, we want to address issues concerning anti-fascism, feminism, and climate justice.

The students’ cultural concerns shall also not get the short end of the stick. For instance, the department will organize the ​festival contre le racisme, consisting of a variety of musical acts, theatrical plays, and movie screenings but also workshops and lectures.
The department also conducts the so-called memorial tour, during which a (concentration camp) memorial site will be visited in order to not only actively engage with the National Socialist past, but to get to know and discuss ways to remembering history as well.

If you have suggestions for events, feel free to contact us via email. We are delighted by every proposal.