On the days of the event, you can access the streams of our contributions to the festival contre le racisme here:


The festival contre le racisme is a campaign against racism with the aim of providing a platform for discussion, reflection and the fight against racism. The festival has been held once a year at German universities since 2003. The event is coordinated by the freier zusammenschluss von student*innenschaften (fzs) and the Bundesverband ausländischer Studierender (BAS).

Normally the festival takes place decentrally at the individual universities. In Göttingen, the last time this happened was in 2017. in this year’s AStA coalition, it became clear quite quickly that we would like to participate in the fzs campaign again and organise an anti-racist campus festival. Due to the current situation, this cannot take place on campus as usual, instead there will be a central lifestream from the fzs, in which the AStA of the University of Göttingen will participate with contributions.

Further information on the concept of the festival contre le racisme 2020 can be found on the fzs and BAS website (website in german).

+++ The whole festival is free of charge. +++

Wednesday (24.06.)
22:00 DJ Ringo
Thursday (25.06.)
16:00 Poetry Slam
contribution – Lament of Balochistan
22:00 Hannita & Niki
Friday (26.06.)
17:00 szillo (support: Max Fresh, feat. DJ emritzky)
contribution – Can’t evict Solidarity
Alter Kaffee
contribution – Roma Center
Nörgelbuff Houseband (feat. Eddy)
19:00 Frau Pauli
contribution – Seebrücke Göttingen
contribution – Refugee law clinic Göttingen
21:00 Nice Time Breeze
contribution – Kultur Kollektiv Göttingen
Mary’s Bard
contribution – medinetz Göttingen
23:00 emritzky

You can watch all acts on the AStA-Streamingserver and on Youtube.

You can find the timetable for all events during the festival contre le racisme on the fzs website.


Alter Kaffee

Stream am 26.06.20

Alter Kaffee (“Old coffee”). That doesn’t sound so good at first. On closer inspection, however, behind this mediocre pun and an even worse marketing strategy lies a fantastic music group. Alter Kaffee is fun. If the three and a half music students were a third class cover band, attributes like “danceable”, “on the ravages of time”, “fresh indie sound” would be written in this text. Alter Kaffee is not a third-class cover band, although the music sounds like a wild potpourri from Wir sind Helden, Bilderbuch, Von Wegen Lisbeth and Heino. Alter Kaffee is cool, Alter Kaffee is young and fresh, Alter Kaffee is hip and plays at the festival contre le racisme.

To Alter Kaffee on facebook


Stream am 26.06.20

Ever been there before? Like hell! Wolfgang are the hottest shit in the worldwide crossover firmament! The band consists of Kolle (vocals), Simon (guitar), Antonin (bass) and David (drums) and explores the limits of what is possible in terms of genre mixes. No consideration is given to the drawers in which metal, punk and rap purists put themselves: Wolfgang’s music is uncompromising, has a clear edge and yet is incredibly multi-layered. Since its foundation in 2017, the path of the Göttingen metal-rap-punk hybrid has led through the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and right across Germany. Their self-titled debut album, released in August 2018, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews not only from the scene but also from national magazines.

About Wolfgang on facebook

Nörgelbuff Houseband (feat. Eddy)

Stream am 26.06.20 (Live)

Funk, Soul, Blues & Jazz

Göttingen all-star formation – genuine club band – a hotchpotch of congenial musicians. The whole thing is combined with excellent guests such as Eddy Laue, Christiane Eiben, Cecile Beelmann, Sascha Münnich, Sam White and many more. The NB-Houseband plays regularly every first and third Monday of the month from 21:00 in the Nörgelbuff in Göttingen.

Racism is stupid, wrong and dangerous. But for too many people it is no easy task to understand this. That’s why the house band now offers a musical workout for stomach, legs, buttocks, head, heart and hips. Eddy will sing, and you will be moved.

We’d love for you to stop by.

To the Nörgelbuff Houseband (feat. Eddy) on facebook


Stream am 26.06.20 (Live)

Ufos in the night sky, 80s chorus and echo effects, blurred colors on blurred polaroids, synthesizers, fuzz and jingle jangle guitars. The Göttingen Indie Popper Sleeves sound refreshingly like youth in the past and adolescence in the future. New York post-punk meets slacker attitude, which was last so pleasurably indulged in in the 90s.

“Nostalgic rock presence, with the vocals exuding a bit of Springsteen […] and Teenage Fan Club.” – Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

To Sleeves on their website, on facebook and on instagram


Stream am 26.06.20 (Live)

The OYA Band are the guerilleros of music. With their elaborate tangled rhythms they play away the foul beat of everyday life and wake up every disgruntled cell with their light-hearted dynamic melodies. They deal with themes such as injustice and resistance, love and humanity, mixing joy with suffering and anger in a way that only music can do.

Through their music they fight for an open and free relationship with each other and show how important and beautiful it is to give everything to the moment.

Their music is something like rocky jazz hip-hop no end skankgingen drumn bass root schunckel high power reggae. – fits anyway! So if we can’t play music, it’s not our revolution!

To OYA on their website and on facebook

Singer Songwriters

Frau Pauli

Stream am 26.06.20

Frau Pauli sings about her counterpart, marginal areas of human feelings, divorces, British-Spanish sea battles, walls, whole and broken people and world peace. She also plays electric guitar, synthesizer, banjo and drum machine. When you get through this part, little dramas of the everyday unfold, sometimes cheerful, sometimes not, but always close to the skin. She has an album on the internet and a dog at home.

To Frau Pauli on facebook

Mary’s Bard

Stream am 26.06.20

Irish folk and counter rock:
The Göttingen musician Jan Finkhäuser has been bringing a good atmosphere to pubs and bars all over Germany for over 15 years. His repertoire ranges from Irish ballads and drinking songs, which he likes to perform with the mandolin, to the classics of rock and pop. With his unmistakably rough voice and his expressive guitar playing he interprets the songs in his very own way. He animates the audience in such a way that the spark is ignited and the audience claps and sings along.

Hardly any evening is like the other. Sometimes he creates a classic Irish pub atmosphere, sometimes he conjures up the heroes of the 60s and 70s by shining with wild guitar solos or he makes the whole pub bawl out songs from the Neue Deutsche Welle. Sometimes all this and more happens in one evening.

In summary, pub nights with Mary’s Bard have a high entertainment factor and are not forgotten by the audience so quickly.

To Mary’s Bard on facebook


Nice Time Breeze

Stream am 26.06.20

The rappers come from Africa and write texts in English, Arabic and German.
We talk about feelings, stories and problems from our experience. Supported by the bass the band NTB could express this with many successful performances. The audience is carried away to dance!

szillo (support: Max Fresh)

Stream am 26.06.20

Your hairdresser’s closed? No problem. We’re giving it a clean shave today:

Female rap from Göttingen, hip hop tracks between social criticism and the search for the last bit of realism. After the debut appearance in winter and months of isolation, finally back on stage, supported by Max Fresh. Against racism, for a solidary society.

To szillo on facebook and on instagram


DJ Ringo

Stream am 24.06.20

Gypsy juice
Global Beats with DJ Ringo
Afro Beats, Balkan Grooves, Electro Swing, Bhangra, Reggaeton, Ethno-Electro, Oriental For many years DJ Ringo has been mixing all these different styles into his unique, energetic sets, creating ecstatic trips through the cosmos of global dance music.

To DJ Ringo on facebook


Stream am 25.06.20

He does it out of love for the beats
For the love of the piece
For the love of the Rhymes
And for the love of the Freeze

emritzky is a local DJ and has had contact with all elements of hip hop culture. The Hamburg native with a migration background stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun and tries to represent this in his everyday fight against racism.

to emritzky on soundcloud

Hannita & Niki

Stream am 26.06.20

Hannita & Niki are a Dj* Duo from Berlin and Göttingen, who want to encourage you to dance in your living room. Let yourselves in for an hour of disco, house and a little bit of drag. And put the champagne on ice!

See Hannita & Niki on Soundcloud

Poetryslam and anti-racist work


In the context of the festival contre le racisme the anti-racist poetry slam will take place on 25.06. at 16:00. Slammers* from all over Germany have made available a wide variety of texts on the subject of anti-racism. Be curious!

Our slammers:

At 80 years of age, Eberhard is the oldest active slammer in Germany. From over 400 performances all over the country, several were in Göttingen. After his six active years in the poetry slam scene, he has made a name for himself as a slamming “oldie”.

bartholdy has been on the slam stages in Lower Saxony and Berlin for several years. In Göttingen you can find him at the collective Hiphop Stammtisch or at the freestyle sessions in at Vinyl Reservat. This year his first EP “stimmberechtigt” will be released.

Gloria is performing her first slam on our stage. She studies, speaks different languages and enjoys expressing the thoughts that concern her in a variety of creative ways, including singing.

Thanu X
Since she was nine years old, Thanu X has been writing her own texts. She is now an author, artist and global historian. She uses the stage as a place of protest against sexism, racism and the stigmatisation of mental illness.

Sarah Borowik Frank
A true multi talent: Sarah Borowik Frank is an author, comic artist, director, film producer and artist. At schools and universities she fights against anti-Semitism through lectures, readings and other forms of educational work.

Richie minus 1
Since 2015 Richie minus 1 has been presenting his slams in public, but he has been writing for a good 20 years. Lyrically, he says he puts his lyrical finger in the wounds that our society inflicts on itself.

anti-racist work

Within the framework of the festival contre le racisme, local groups from Göttingen present themselves and report on their anti-racist work. Be curious about various insights into the commitment of the local groups.

These groups are of course always happy to receive financial support for their work. You can find more information under the tab donations.

During the festival we collect donations for anti-racist commitment for groups from Göttingen. For the following groups you will find links to the donation addresses and information about the groups:

#Leavenoonebehind - Help for Corona episodes at the European external borders
Welcome United
medinetz Göttingen
Refugee Law Clinic Göttingen
BIPoC-Kollektiv Göttingen

fclr chat room

During the festival, in addition to the live commentary function on YouTube, we also maintain a separate chat room on the Mumble server of the student councils. There you can experience the festival together with your friends but also with strangers in the voice chat. Click here to go to the server.

The festival contre le racisme Göttingen is organized by the AStA of the University of Göttingen and is a cooperation with the freier zusammenschluss von student*innenschaften e.V.
The groups and artists are responsible for their own statements, shared political views and the design of their contributions.
The AStA of the University of Göttingen, the fzs e.V. and the other contractual partners involved as well as contributors to the festival contre le rassisme are not liable for the content made accessible here.