As part of the university elections, which take place in January each year, the students decide in the form of ballot boxes whether so-called semester tickets will be introduced for two semesters. At the last election in 2017, the students decided in favor of the introduction / continuation of a train, bus and culture semester ticket.

The most important information about these three solidartickets has been compiled on the following pages:

Railway semester ticket

  • On which routes does the ticket apply?
  • What is often asked?
Bus semester ticket

  • In which lines is the ticket valid?
  • What is often asked?
Culture ticket

  • In which facilities is the culture ticket valid?
  • What is often asked?

Here is the insert for the tickets in english

The exact listing of all conditions can be found in the current supplement to the semester ticket. Incidentally, the supplement is also available in printed form, for example for your wallet. You can take it with you in the AStA building (Goßlerstraße 16a) or at the glass box in the central lecture hall building between the lecture halls 010 and 011.